Las Vegas Escorts Opal 


Hi, I'm Opal, and I am one of the most colorful girls you will ever meet in Las Vegas. If I wrote my biography, it would be called, "The Many Colors of Opal". I was a show girl before I started my freelance escort career. Let me tell you, this is so much better for my feet! I'd rather work on my back rather than on my feet, no question! lol. I look like every other guys favorite porn star, at least thats what the guys tell me.

What I Want Is...

When it comes to having a good time while you are in Las Vegas, there is no such thing as a time that is too late or too early for calling an amazing escort to come and provide you with some fun entertainment. All you have to do is pick up the phone and have the sexy call girl of your choice come directly to your room. You will have a great time, guaranteed.

I Love Older Guys!

Are you an older guy who still likes to have fun with a hot young, classy lady? Age doesn't matter. Sometimes it’s a simple matter of taste, sometimes a matter of wanting what you don’t have, and sometimes a matter of nostalgia. Maybe it's still a fantasy to get with a much younger girl? Eighteen year old men fantasize about women in their forties, fifty-eight year old men fantasize about eighteen year old women, it's natural. After all, just because your are divorced or retired, you're not dead yet!

I'm the sort of girl who loves to spend time with the boys but I can still be a girly girl when the situation calls for it. You can catch me in a tight dress that hugs all of my curves and I'm also comfortable in jeans and cowboy boots.

I've lived a life that will one day become a best selling novel. I'm speaking it into existence. My companions are always endlessly entertained by the stories that I have to tell. Men often tell me that I resemble their favorite porn star and now it is time for you to learn more about me...